Marketing + Sign Up + Onboarding. Improving Conversion Rates.

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Businesses are letting staff go and cutting costs where possible. The ground is shaky and the future is uncertain.

Is it possible to cut marketing costs and retain (or even increase) growth?

Some things that have worked for Iteration Group clients:

  • Take a close look at the top of the marketing funnel. Can we disqualify leads before they even take action on the Google Ad, Facebook Ad, or other offer?  Put pricing information in the ad copy? Filter-out the audience by age, location, or other factor that will unlikely yield a sign up?”
  • Survey visitors who spend time on the site but don’t sign up: “What’s preventing you from signing up today?”  Understand what could be refined and make changes to the user experience.
  • Utilize a quiz to increase leads; a proven, lightweight, unassuming, non-committal engagement instrument.
  • Use Live Chat and automated text messaging to engage in a conversation with leads who don’t sign up.
  • Use a context-aware help system that allows users to get answers to their questions on the screens where they need them.
  • Do a rigorous funnel analysis, step-by-step and screen by screen.  Understand where and why users are dropping out.  Identify possible usability and conversion issues on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Analyze the data and performance of the remarketing campaigns: email, ads, postal mail, and others.  How can leads be segmented for these campaigns and also in the software user experience to increase sign up conversion?
  • Provide better guidance in the form of personalized introductory videos and in-app walkthroughs to increase engagement.
  • Identify the key factors that impact retention. Address those via software enhancements, automated messaging, and manual actions.

Need help improving your conversion rates? Designing a new product from scratch? Or modernizing and refining an existing product used by lots of people every day?

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