Product Strategy, User Experience Design, and Development

UX Strategy & Research

User Research

It would be audacious to design, build, and launch something without first working to deeply understand your prospective users. Who are they? What are their needs and motivations? What can we do to make their job and life easier?

Competitive Analysis

What can we learn from similar products and services? What appears to be working and not working? How do our strengths match-up against other solutions? What tools are your prospective users employing to get the job done today?

Product Strategy

How do we marry the needs of our users and the goals of the business? How do we design, build, and launch this new or redesigned product in a step-by-step incremental fashion?  How do we prove, definitively, that our users like this thing we’re imagining? That they want it? That they’ll pay for it?

User Experience (UX) Design


Sketching-out the user experience for desktop, web, and mobile interfaces, as appropriate.  Carefully containing within these sketches all of the key findings from user research and competitive analysis. Taking into consideration the short-term and long-term product strategy.


Creating both low-fidelity prototypes (using wireframes) or high-fidelity prototypes (using UI designs) to get early feedback and validation from would-be users. Proving, as best as we can, that the product we’re designing seems to work well and that we’re moving in the right direction.


We often run informal user testing sessions by presenting our work-in-progress designs to about six to eight users.  Through this process, we’ll usually discover a handful of important ways to improve the designs. Often we can verify that we’re improving key performance indicators such as time on tasks, number of steps required to complete a task, qualitative user quality measures, and more.

User Interface (UI) Design

UI Design

We create pixel-perfect, modern, and great looking user interface designs for web, mobile, and desktop. We carefully work within the best practices and user interface guidelines for the web, Apple devices, Android devices, Windows, and Mac, as appropriate. We’ll work within your brand identity, or, collaborate with you to create a new look & feel involving colors, typography, iconography, photography, and more.


We work with clients to refresh their existing brand identity, including logos, icons, style guides, and more. While we’re not a full-service branding agency, we have helped dozens of clients (mostly early-stage startups and new initiatives within large enterprises) develop new brands from scratch.

Marketing Materials

New products often require lots of new marketing collateral. Our knowledge of the user needs and competitive landscape often enables us to help our clients by contributing to the creation of marketing web sites, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, digital and print advertisements, email templates, and more.

Software Development

Mobile App Development

We build Mobile Apps that users love for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Apps that respect the capabilities and limitations of mobile devices.  We also build React Native apps and Progressive Web Apps that support multiple platforms under one, often easier-to-manage codebase.

Web App Development

Our senior team members have over 20 years of web development experience. We develop web applications for consumer and enterprise applications. From simple, mostly static marketing web sites to complex and deeply integrated workflow applications used by tens of thousands of employees each day.


We’re really great at creating pixel-perfect user interfaces. Often our clients ask us to transform the UI designs that we’ve created into responsive HTML / CSS / JS.  This enables our client’s in-house development team to focus on what they know and what they do best: building-out their proprietary software.