Increase Leads & Conversions With a Sign Up Quiz

Have you considered using a quiz at the very start of your sign up process?

Companies like Talkspace (leader in online therapy), StitchFix (clothing subscription service), and SteadyMD (leader in online concierge medicine) are using them to great success.  In direct-to-consumer and also enterprise situations.

We've found that:

  • Visitors love quizzes.  The expectation is that they're short, easy to fill out, and provide immediate feedback or value on a topic that's of interest.  For one of our clients, we saw sign ups double as a result.
  • Quizzes enable you to incrementally educate your visitors regarding the product / service / value proposition (rather than expecting them to watch a video or read a ton of text content).
  • The mere presence of the quiz questions help establish comfort in the product or service.  Visitors think, "ohh, I get it.  I see that this service is indeed for me."
  • Quizzes help reinforce the feeling that the product or service is customized or tailor-made for the visitor.  Again, "this thing is for me."


There's a ton to think about when designing, building, and launching these quizzes:

  • Start with some "softball" questions. Questions that are easy to answer and don't overwhelm the visitor with choice.  Just get them used to answering.
  • Keep the set of answer choices simple.  Ideally multiple choice using short text phrases or easy-to-identify icons.
  • Keep the navigation simple and drive visitors forward.  Just "Previous" and "Next" buttons; no need for fancy progress bars, saving work in progress, etc.
  • Optimize for mobile; the quiz should be super-easy to interact with.  Design for mobile-first and then the desktop experience should be very simple and streamlined, as a result.
  • Leverage the quiz in your marketing copy and marketing campaigns.   "Find your perfect doctor" (SteadyMD) and "Get Matched Now!" (TalkSpace) have been shown to increase leads vs. more traditional sign up calls-to-action like "Get Started Now".
  • Consider the overall sign up funnel. When do you ask the visitor for their name and email address? For what are you trying to optimize?

Interested in learning how we could work together with you to design, build, and launch a sign up quiz to increase your leads and conversions?

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