Streamlining Peer-to-Peer Learning

StudyCoup is an EdTech startup focused on providing better communication and study tools for students and universities. The platform allows students to connect with classmates, coordinate study group sessions, keep track of their unique course schedules, and more - all in one place.

The product was inspired by recent graduates, Michael Razny (CEO & Founder) and Misha Zaslavasky (Director of Business Development & Partner), who realized during their time in school that there was a need to streamline peer-to-peer learning. The platform is currently in BETA at the University of Tampa, Florida.


This was a brand new application from scratch, so it was important for our team to understand the prospective users and verify that we were creating a tool that was valuable to them. For this, we:

  • Spoke to a handful of University students to get a sense of their needs and motivations. What challenges were they facing in terms of peer-to-peer learning? What tools and methods were they currently using to communicate with other students in the class?

  • Spec'd out the initial design of the platform in the form of detailed wireframes

  • Conducted visual explorations to establish look & feel; then applied that look & feel across the wireframes

  • Created a HTML / CSS / JS clickable prototype for testing / BETA purposes