Software for Homecare and Hospice Agencies

Homecare Homebase is the leading healthcare company in its field. It provides a fully integrated software-as-a-service application for homecare and hospice agencies. The company asked Iteration Group to take a close look at their entire software platform, and come up with a plan to modernize it, improve the user experience, and enhance it aesthetically.

The company was acquired by Hearst Corporation in 2013.


Because this was a legacy application (and actively used by thousands each day as part of their job), it was very important that we carefully redesigned and re-imagined the software without breaking the day-to-day workflows of its users. As a part of our overall process, we:

  • Interviewed dozens of users and user types

  • Identified the most important and most-used functionality

  • Wireframed, module by module, screens that are critical and in use day-to-day by thousands of people

  • Designed those screens using modern approaches and conventions

  • Created an implementation guide using modern Windows UI controls.

  • Developed the key screens using Microsoft Visual Studio.