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Thousands of Android apps are build and released each month.  If you’re an app developer, testing your Android app can be very difficult. How do you ensure that your apps works well across the most popular Android devices?  Dozens of devices.  Many manufacturers.  Several form factors.

It would be time and cost prohibitive to acquire each device, install your app, and test it.  And of course, new devices are being released all the time.

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Robotium is a cloud-based solution that enables developers to submit their app and have their app tested, automatically, across the most popular Android devices.  The developer can then see how their app looks and performs on each and every relevant device. The core Robotium platform is used by thousands of developers around the world.  It’s a product for software engineers, and requires hands-on technical knowledge.

Iteration Group helped the Robotium team:

  • Market-research and market-test the new “Robotium Cloud” offering, making the Robotium platform accessible to a wider audience in the form of a web service.  We received incredibly positive feedback from would-be customers, helping us better understand the product features that we should build, the price point that customers would be comfortable with, and the market segments that should be addressed.
  • Sketch-out the very first version of the Robotium Cloud product, taking into account all of the user feedback.


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